Explaining Plagiarism And Its Ways To Avoid It Posted By: charleybrown

Plagiarism can be found in academic as well as professional settings. It is simply using other people’s ideas without giving them credit for it. It occurs when you Read More

How To Manage Your Time? Posted By: charleybrown

People with poor time management skills are constantly rushing from one task to another and are always busy. They lack the efficiency to get a lot of tasks Read More

How To Be A Good Intern? Posted By: charleybrown

If you’re young and just starting out, an internship program is a great way to gain foothold in a chosen profession. If you want to gain real-time experience, Read More

3 Benefits Of Technology In Education Posted By: charleybrown

Technology has made a significant gateway into the educational system. The future of education is now determined by technology, and yet a few educators are not convinced about Read More

5 Common Distractions For College Students And How To Manage Them Posted By: charleybrown

Researchers have found that we waste around three waking hours every day, doing things other than work. Wasting time isn’t a modern phenomenon. Even before the internet and Read More

Want To Learn How To Stay Motivated? Posted By: charleybrown

Motivation is the fundamental component of success. Directing our hopes and ambitions towards achieving success in life is what keeps us going. Here are six key elements essential Read More

How To Chase Your Dreams? Posted By: charleybrown

Every one of us who love being creative faces opposition from people around us. At some point in life, students give up due to the lack of support, Read More

How To Deal With Perfectionism? Posted By: charleybrown

Many among us waste too much time trying to be perfect. The quest for perfectionism isn’t bad – but, it is a never ending journey. Basically, there are Read More

6 Habits of High Performing Students Posted By: charleybrown

Someone rightly said, ‘you cannot change your life until you change your habits’. What are some life changing habits that you should include in your everyday life? How Read More

How To Overcome Test Anxiety? Posted By: charleybrown

The time leading up to a test can be stressful and even affect performance. Stress isn’t as bad as it is made out to be; a little stress Read More

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