10 e-mail tips for students

10 e-mail tips for students

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

If you’re enrolled in an online class then all of your correspondence with the professor and your classmates will be through email and/or discussion boards. If you’re in an on-campus class, your first correspondence with professor is most likely going to be through e-mail.

E-mail is important in college, and it gets even more important in the real world so it is vital that you learn proper e-mail etiquette. Below is a list of 10 e-mail corresponding tips.

1. Greet appropriately.

Does your professor have a PhD? Are they married? Make sure you greet them appropriately. If your professor has PhD then make sure you say Dr. So-And-So. If you don’t know whether they’re married or not begin the e-mail with Dear Prof. Example.

2. Spellcheck names.

Make sure you check names and then double check them.

3. Refrain from smiley faces.

Emoticons are for your friends. Don’t use them for your professor!

4. Forget about abbreviations like TTYL.

Text slang is also for your friends, not your professor.

5. Use appropriate grammar.

Appropriate grammar is important for everyone not just English professor.

6. Professionalism is important.

Tips three, four and five are all a part of professionalism. Professionals use good grammar, non-text abbreviations and zero emoticons.

7. Follow up.

Whether you hear back from your professor or not it is always great to follow up. If they replied back then say “Thank you for your time.” If they didn’t simply say “I know you are so busy so you may have missed my e-mail…”

8. Do not forget anything.

Read over your e-mail and make sure you said everything you needed to.

9. Create an e-mail signature.

An e-mail signature is professional. You will use one in the professional world so get used to it now. E-mail signatures should include your name, phone number, e-mail address and an online link to your LinkedIn profile or portfolio.

10. Think before you send.

Do NOT send an e-mail if your mad. Did you just get a bad grade you’re upset about? Hold off on sending the e-mail!!! Wait until you’ve slept on it.

Do you have any e-mail tips? Please tell us in the comments below.