3 Factors That Affect E-Learning Success

3 Factors That Affect E-Learning Success

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 17 Jun 2021

While online learning may not be a new concept, it is still challenging for students who are accustomed to traditional classroom-based learning. Several factors affect one’s ability to reach success in an online course, including:

1. Perception:

Students may have preconceived notions about platforms, and these affect their ability to adapt and learn. For instance, students often perceive online learning as impersonal because there are few interactions between teachers and students. Also, a lot of students believe a dominating or extroverted student will monopolize discussions in a live class.

However, in reality, students are more likely to participate in an online discussion because everyone will have equal time to talk. Also, since students attend lectures from the comfort of their homes, they are more likely to be confident and willing to share their views.

2. Tech- Savviness:

While students need basic computer skills, they don’t have to be computer wizards to succeed in online classes. All online courses come with detailed instructions, and these explain how to log in and use course platforms. These instructions are shared in an easy-to-understand format, often through video tutorials, pages, and emails. There’s plenty of information available through FAQ pages and help sections too. Besides, you can always ask an instructor for help at any time.

3. Loneliness:

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While online learning allows individuals to study from the comfort of their homes, it can be socially isolating. You can beat this by connecting with other students through virtual study groups on Skype and/pr Google Hangouts.

Students are encouraged to interact with instructors through IM, Skype, or email. When they do this, they can fully engage with materials and ask questions about complex concepts. Besides, online learning trains students to be self-directed learners, but under the guidance of instructors.

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