3 Things That Show You Have A Time Management Problem

3 Things That Show You Have A Time Management Problem

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 1 Jun 2021

Many individuals cite time management skills as the ones they wish they had, as better command of one’s time allows them to do a lot over the course of a day. We all run on to-do lists and deadlines, and we’re continuously trying to keep up. This is especially true for online students who’re working full-time while managing other commitments.

If you’re an online student who’s struggling with managing time, it could be because you’re making the following mistakes:

1. Not Creating An Effective To-Do List:

Almost everyone uses a to-do list, but very few people know how to use these effectively. The trick to making the most of your to-do list is in prioritizing your tasks. While some people number tasks, others prefer using the A-F coding system, where A stands for high priority and F stands for low priority.

Make sure every task mentioned on the list is specific and detailed. For example, if you have to prepare a budget proposal, break down the goal into simple, achievable subtasks. Without breaking down large tasks, a to-do list is likely to be ineffective.

2. Perfectionism:

While perfectionists are addicted to churning out high-quality work, they also risk suffering from stress and anxiety. Such people often struggle when confronted with busy schedules.

Paying attention to detail is good, but ultimately this can affect both your personal and professional relationships. Perfectionists often wait for the perfect circumstance to start something, or they cannot stop until a task is completed absolutely flawlessly.

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If you are a victim of perfectionism, learn to focus on productivity. Challenge your inner thoughts and conquer the negative voices in your mind. Train your mind that it’s all right to take time off from work, as you need to relax and recharge your batteries so you can function effectively later.

If nothing else works, you should consider speaking to a therapist, as they can help you tackle this problem.

3. Not Managing Distractions:

Because we use so many gadgets throughout the course of a day, our attention spans have decreased considerably. Whether we’re sending emails or instant messages on social media, we’re finding it difficult to focus 100% on work.

To avoid distractions, download time management apps that effectively block social media websites and IM chats. These will help you concentrate.

If nothing else works, consider hiring us for class help online. All you have to do is call us and ask: “Can you take my online class for me?”