3 Tips To Stay Calm When You’re Stressed About Assignments

3 Tips To Stay Calm When You’re Stressed About Assignments

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 19 May 2017

There’s nothing positive about stress – it affects your body, thoughts, and feelings. From common cold to cardiovascular diseases, stress contributes to a lot of problems. This is especially true for students who simultaneously manage too many things. Some are working, some have a family to manage, and some others have signed up for multiple courses. If you are an online student who is stressed about having your fingers in too many pies, here’s how you can cope:

Change your attitude towards stress:

How you think about stress matters! Scientists have found that when you consider stress to be a negative thing, it is more likely to affect you. For example, we all know that when the mind realizes that you are in an uncomfortable situation, our heart pumps faster and we are probably breaking into a sweat. But what if you train your mind to think that all of this is good? So, that pounding heart is probably preparing you for action. And if you’re breathing faster, the mind is trying to get more oxygen to your brains. When you tell yourself that your body is helping you rise to the occasion, trust me your body will believe you and your stress response improves.

Understand the positives of stress:

Oxytocin is a neurohormone that helps you do things that strengthen close relationships. It enhances empathy, makes you sociable, and helps you support (or seek support from) people you care. But what not many know that this is also a stress hormone. This is a natural anti-inflammatory wherein it helps you relax, and also helps heart cells heal from stress-induced damage. Long story short – when you’re stressed, reach out to people! You could either discuss your fears with a peer group on online forums or talk to a loved one.

Seek out help:

When you’re stressed about completing assignments on time, it is best to seek out help, than stay stressed. Call us to ask – can you take my online test for me! You don’t have to worry about staying awake all night; our tutors can help you from being overwhelmed about studies!