4 Things You Probably Believed To Be True About Online Learning

4 Things You Probably Believed To Be True About Online Learning

Posted By: admin Posted On 3 Feb 2016

Online learning has now become mainstream thanks to the millions of students joining online courses every year.  There’s no doubt about the inherent benefits of learning at your pace, there are a few misconceptions. Some of them include:

Online learning is for everyone:

While we agree that the eLearning platform is ideal for students who are pressed for time, it simply isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For one, there isn’t anybody standing over your shoulder reminding you about deadlines. Students also don’t have face to face interaction with their instructors. Online learning students need to have tremendous self-restraint and commitment towards completing a course- it isn’t easy to stay focused on the assignments with the NBA Playoffs playing on TV!

The quality of online learning does not match up to conventional learning standards:

This may be true for courses run by diploma mills. While academic standards largely depend on the university offering the course, rigorous standards have been set for the certification process. Reputed universities like Harvard and Stanford offer online courses that are on par with their regular courses.

Credits aren’t transferable:

The problem of transferring credits isn’t limited to online programs alone – this can be an issue irrespective of the fact that the course was complete online or in a classroom.

Online learning is easy:

It is flexible, but not easy at all! In fact, students learning on an online platform end up spending the same (if not more) amount of time completing their assignments and listening to audio/video lectures. A typical course needs around 10 to 12 hours every week to complete tasks, participate on discussion forums, and complete academic essays. But if you prefer to work smart, we have a solution for you. When you are short of time, hire one of our tutors to complete your assignments, comment on discussion boards, take tests, or take the complete course for you. Just call us to ask –can you take my online class’, and we’ll do the rest for you!

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