4 Tips to Read Faster

4 Tips to Read Faster

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 17 Nov 2020

Being able to read fast is great, not only when you’re in school but in life generally. But you also must be able to understand what you read; without good comprehension skills, reading is all but a complete waste of time. If you’re an online student who’s facing pages and pages of dense text, here’s how you can read fast, comprehend what you’re reading, and never get tired!

1. Understand How Human Reading Works

Did you know that humans do not read in a straight line? Rather, we read using saccadic movements. So each saccade will include a temporary snapshot of text within a focused area, and if you’re reading about eight inches away from the text’s surface this area is about the size of a quarter. These snapshots last for around 1/4th to ½ of a second. If you avoid unconscious rereading and skipping, you could read about 30 percent quicker. Use something (like a pen) to underline your text while reading, and keep your eyes fixed above the pen tip to ensure you’re constantly reading in the right direction. This will also help you maintain a quick reading speed.

2. Train Your Peripheral Vision

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Even when focusing on the center of a computer screen, you can still see what’s at the sides of the screen. If you enhance your peripheral vision, you can read 300 percent faster. Train your mind to look at the space between two words rather than looking at a specific word. This way, you can read both words simultaneously and then move on to the next pair.

3. Sign up for an Online Speed-Reading Course

There are several short-term online courses out there that can teach you how to speed read. These courses will teach you how to reprogram your brain so it absorbs information quickly and effectively. Before choosing a course, make sure the curriculum includes theory, practical exercises, and personal stories. If you take a course to improve your reading abilities, you can get first-rate training and advice.

4. Calibrate Your Monitor for Reading

Both PCs and Macs include tools that allow users to make their screens ideal for reading. Click the white point setting on your display to adjust the color tint of your screen. For Windows-based systems, try this: Control Panel > Display. And for Macs, try this: System Preferences > Display. Use your settings to make your screen a little warmer. Select color temperature on Windows to make the screen yellow and a little warmer—this will help you read quickly and easily.

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