5 Common Distractions For College Students And How To Manage Them

5 Common Distractions For College Students And How To Manage Them

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 22 Nov 2017

Researchers have found that we waste around three waking hours every day, doing things other than work. Wasting time isn’t a modern phenomenon. Even before the internet and smartphones dominated our lives, people have been procrastinating. Thankfully, we now have more researchers working towards finding a solution. Here are 5 tips to help you manage common distractions that most college students face:

Electronic Gadgets:

Your phone, laptop TV, etc. can be huge time-wasters. They stimulate the mind, i.e. your brain is taking in all the information, although it isn’t processing any. If you have a habit of watching TV or surfing the internet during a study break, you are doing yourself more harm than good. As a rule, switch off the phone and put the laptop away before you sit to study. Discipline yourself you wait until you complete tasks you have set about to achieve.

Friends and Family:

It’s hard to miss out on gossip or stop yourself from replying to messages from friends. Even with the best of intentions, sometimes your best friends may not be good study partners. Look for a study partner who won’t distract you, or study alone! As for family, before you set out to study, let everyone know that you are studying and shouldn’t be disturbed.


Anxiety can cause stress, leaving you feeling demotivated. In fact, some students experience headache, nausea, and even increased heart rate, just before a major test. Practice mindfulness techniques to get rid of anxiety. You could either focus on your breathing or play soothing music.


Can I complete the assignment on time? Am I good at this? Self-doubts make us forget about the good things we have; rather, focusing only on the negatives. This is probably because we’re too busy dwelling about past mistakes, or giving too much importance to someone’s opinion about us. Train your mind to think positively. Look for reasons. If the self-doubt is attributed to a lack of experience or expertise, acknowledge the problem and understand that this is completely fixable.

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