5 Habits That Successful e-Learners Cultivate

5 Habits That Successful e-Learners Cultivate

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Jan 2016

Not everyone who joins an online course completes it, says statistics. It is no secret that dropout rates are very high in the online learning world. Unlike conventional learning, an online course is flexible, but it also demands a lot of commitment. An average student is required to spend at least 10-15 hours every week to ensure that he doesn’t fall back on his course related commitments. Those that do, cultivate certain attributes. Here are some of them:

They do not procrastinate:

This is perhaps the cardinal rule that you should be able to follow in order to complete an online course. Complete your assignments on the day they are assigned. Post on discussion boards as soon as the professors opens the discussion. Write your essay a few days before the deadline- this gives you enough time to go through the content and make changes if any.

They are active networkers:

Studying in the virtual world can be lonely. Networking with peers helps you to stay updated on the latest news about the course. You can share information, seek advice from a source other than Google, and even pay someone to take my online class.

They are self-motivated:

A large number of dropouts often quit because they lose the will to complete the course. Without a professor to stand over you to tell you what to do, it is easy to become de-motivated. You will have to religiously follow the course schedule to check for project due dates, examination dates, and assignment deadlines.

They are focused:

Online learning facilitates learning from anywhere and at anyplace. Learning usually happens on laptops and smartphones. It is difficult not to be distracted by the constant buzzing on the phone and social media. An online learning student has to stay focused despite these distractions.

They do not hesitate to seek help:

The constant onslaught of projects, essays, tests, and other tasks can take a toll on students. Despite their best effort, they often fail to keep pace with their assignments or churn out less than stellar assignments. An online student wouldn’t hesitate to hire a tutor or pay someone to take my online class. The tutor not only completes homework, but also takes tests, does discussion boards, and quizzes.

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