5 Tips To Avoid Online Tutoring Scams

5 Tips To Avoid Online Tutoring Scams

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 17 Jun 2022

Genuine online tutors render a helping hand to thousands of online students through quality services. They also act as a support system to busy students who handle multiple responsibilities. In recent days, there are several fake online tutoring services that try to lure innocent online students and cheat them with inferior services. If you’re thinking, ‘Can I pay someone to take my online class?’, you will need to be cautious to hire the right tutor. Here’s how you can identify scammers and stay away from them.

Check The Talent Pool

Check the list of tutors they have listed on their website and go through their credentials. You can also navigate to the individual profile page of the tutors and check if they have a valid email address. If possible, contact them and make sure to double check the credentials and qualifications. If they don’t exactly match the description on their website, then it is certainly fake tutoring site.

Look For User Reviews

User reviews from other customers will give you enough information to decide if you want to sign up with this service or not. But a lot of online tutoring services have been known to sell fake reviews. So ensure to search the tutor’s name to see what feedback they have received from other students who took their services.

Know Their Customer Support System

Genuine services offer full-fledged support to their users. Users should be able to connect with the tutors regularly to get answers to their queries. They have live chat support, phone support, email support, and even video calling support. Any service that does not offer these services is a scam.

How Does Their Website Look?

A service that is well-established will spend enough time and money on designing a website that is easy to navigate and visually appealing. The website should also have enough information about the tutors, the services offered, and all relevant information. A poorly designed website with broken links and incomplete information is clearly a red flag.

Payment Options

Payment Options

Do they offer different payment options or just demand the whole money upfront? What are the payment methods they offer? Do they accept major credit cards, or do they insist on PayPal only? Any trusted organization will naturally offer various payment options. So check that out.

No doubt, online tutoring is trending for the convenience it offers. However, finding a genuine online tutoring service has become an uphill task. Scammers are constantly reinventing themselves to cheat users in new ways. Keep yourself informed to make the right hiring decisions.

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