5 Tips To Use MyMathLab (MML)

5 Tips To Use MyMathLab (MML)

Posted By: admin Posted On 13 Oct 2016

Are you enrolled in a course that uses MyMathLab? If you are struggling to find MyMathLab answers, here are tips and tricks that may help you.

1. Does the correct answer show up as incorrect?

Before you begin, ensure that you have read all instructions carefully. If MyMathLab asks you to separate answers with a comma, do not put a space between the answers. When submitting the answers, consider:

* Simplifying the factors.

* Correcting decimal point errors.

* Eliminate paces before the answer.

MyMathLab often marks the right answer as wrong because it is case sensitive. If you feel that your answer is correct, click on the “Ask My Instructor” button. Email your professor or send a message by writing a brief explanation of why you think your answer ought to be considered correct.

2. No keyboard shortcuts

We advise using “Math Pallet” to input answers in MyMathLab. It’s fast, easy, and there are zero chances of error. (It’s hard to memorize all the keyboard shortcuts.)

3. Use the built-in help

Don’t worry when you get the wrong answer. There is built-in software to help you solve complex calculations or a complicated problem. All the help buttons are available on the right side of the question.

* Click “Help Me Solve This.” That guides you in solving the problem step by step and provides you with a related question for credit. Or click “view an example.” That explains the other similar problem step by step.

4. Try to do it on paper first

If you continuously stare at the computer, you may feel sleepy, or you may have headaches or a hard time focusing. Work out the problem on paper first and then enter the steps onto the computer.

5. Don’t hesitate to report problems

If MML marks the correct answer as incorrect, do not be afraid to discuss it with your instructor. If your answer deserves credit, your instructor will help.

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