6 Warning Signs Of A Bad Online Instructor

6 Warning Signs Of A Bad Online Instructor

Posted By: admin Posted On 8 Mar 2017

The quality that you can expect from an online course is largely dependent on the quality of instruction received. While some instructors are notorious for not providing precise explanation about concepts, some others so caught up with the subject that their lectures become boring and bland. This eventually slows down the learning process; students struggle to complete assignments on time and end up quitting the class.

Here are 6 signs to spot out a bad online instructor:

1. Boring lectures

Right from the very first class, you can sense if the instructor is likely to be boring. Be alert for instructors who stand up there and just read only the notes from their lecture book. If you find yourself stuck with a dull and souless instructor, ask us today- can you do my homework? We will complete your assignments and exams, and help you earn a degree as well.

2. An imprecise syllabus

Some instructors hand out a one-paragraph syllabus that maybe a course description copied from the Web. Instructors who do not share a detailed syllabus probably don’t instruct well and finally exacerbate the whole course.

3. Unclear grading criteria

Instructors who do not have a clear idea about the grading system, end up providing inconsistent grading plans. Students usually in this sort of class can never find out how they are doing during the semester and wind up with unpleasant surprises at the end.

4. Hiding lack of experience

Most online students avoid researching their instructor’s background and end up sign up courses from inexperienced tutors. Beware! They don’t just affect your grades, but you will end up learning nothing.

5. Don’t care instructors

These are the tutors who never accept or respond to students’ questions/doubts. Well, that’s not a good thing. A genuine instructor collaborates with students and helps them complete their course successfully.

6. Vague course materials

Every lecture should have a clear structure: an introduction, the main part, and a conclusion. If the lectures are confusing and you cannot figure out what the main points are, indeed your instructor is bad. i.e., he/she cannot explain the stuff in a way you can understand.

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