7 Smart Study Strategies That Help Students Learn Better

7 Smart Study Strategies That Help Students Learn Better

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 4 Apr 2022

Set Goals

Goal setting is an absolute must. Make a list of study goals and tick them off as you complete each item on your list. Goal setting helps you stay on track and gives you a sense of achievement when you complete items on the list. It makes you feel in control, alleviating any study stress.

Connect The Dots

While studying, try to make connections between the different topics. Group related information on one flashcard and identify how it all fits together. This is called “contextual learning” and helps you get the big picture.

Practice, Practice & Practice!

Athletes practice daily. Musicians play their instruments every single day. The same should apply to learning. If you want to remember what you have learnt, the best thing you can do is practice. Students who take practice tests do well than students who just revise notes. Take mock tests or quizzes to test yourself. Besides helping you remember better; practice tests help you identify gaps in learning that you can rectify in the next session.

Use Pictures To Learn Better

Pay attention to graphs, charts and diagrams in your class materials. Pictures can help you boost your memory. Visual representations help you create more complete mental models, making them easier to learn and understand. If there aren’t any images in your textbook or class notes, try to create pictures representing vital information. This is a smart strategy to learn visually, helping you retain the information better.

Teach It

Teach It

Studies have shown that students who teach others do better than students who merely study for themselves. When you learn to teach your peers, you will work harder to understand the material. You identify the critical information, organize and apply it to prepare for your teaching sessions. In academic circles, this is called the “protege effect.”

Instead of studying alone, find a study partner. Make a list of topics that you teach your partner and vice versa. This is a win-win situation helping you and your study partner score better.

Ditch The Screen

It’s easy to get distracted when you’ve got your smartphone nearby. So, turn off notifications and place it somewhere where you won’t be tempted to use it until you finish your study session. Reward yourself with a few minutes of screen time once you complete an item on your study list.

Take Mini Brain Breaks While Studying

When you study for long hours without a break, it becomes difficult to remain focused. Smart study is to remain actively engaged while learning instead of just looking at your notes passively. Take a short two-to-five-minute break every half an hour. This helps you boost your brain’s oxygen supply, staying focused for the next half hour. Run in place, do a few jumping jacks or look outside for a few minutes before resuming your study session.

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