Assignments Demystified

Assignments Demystified

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 7 Jul 2017

Assignments are one of the most common ways to assess what your students know and don’t know through either the formative assessment or the more important summative assessment. The teacher decides on the number and type of assignments, depending upon the subject’s course design and the learning outcomes. Students get graded through various types of assignments that demonstrate their skills in thinking, writing, group participation, and presentation.

Case Studies:

The purpose of a case study is mainly to apply the concepts and theories you have learned in the class to the topic of your choice. The study involves incorporating information from your course materials and other sources when writing the assignment along with examples to support your ideas.

Group Projects:

Group projects aid students in developing a host of skills that will later be useful in their professional lives since it contributes to learning, retention and overall success of the projects. Students also develop their interpersonal, communication, and collaborative skills due to the planning and time management involved. The group shares complex tasks in subgroups or as individuals, and improve their understanding through discussions and feedbacks.


College students are required to write a variety of essays as part of their assignments. Sometimes students are expected to write essays using their personal experiences or knowledge, while at other times they need to do additional research with the help of available resources. No matter what the assignment is, the understanding of the topic involved and the ability to express it in their own words leads to creating a well-crafted essay in the limited amount of time.


Though today the Internet is a valuable research tool, offline research methods like libraries, bookstores and talking to people with knowledge regarding the topic can also aid in finding trustworthy information. The multiple resources will offer many viewpoints towards the understanding of the subject, allowing students to consider more ideas. The research exercise helps in student’s comprehension of the material, and can also trigger student’s innovation or evaluation abilities. Taking online class help is another option.


Employers today need graduates with excellent communication skills that include written, oral, and listening. Therefore, a student’s performance in the classroom becomes an essential element in delivering positive learning experiences as it helps to improve their communication skills and train them to address a group of people. The content, as well as the organization of the material, are considered the two important measures of an effective presentation.