Some Of The Best Ways To Cheat On A Test

Some Of The Best Ways To Cheat On A Test

Posted By: admin Posted On 2 Apr 2016

Online learning gives you the freedom to choose your own pace and place for learning. But it is neither easy nor cheap. Online programs are often rigorous with strict deadlines for assignments. With GPA influencing job prospects students are tempted to cheat on online courses. Some of the best ways to cheat on a test include:

Collaborating With Other Students:

A few students come together to collaborate and come up with answers to every possible test question. This method, however, depends on the strength of numbers – the more the better. But given the online program framework, it can be difficult to collaborate.

Getting a Student to Take a Test and Bring Questions To the Group:

Again, this is a team effort – you will have to form or be a part of a group that does this. The student who takes the test first brings back the question paper for others to copy. Naturally, students take turns to be the proverbial sacrificial lamb. The idea is brilliant, but it is certainly not one of the best ways to cheat on a test. Course designers are smart enough to disable the copy text command. There’s also the chance of using multiple sets of question papers.

Gaming the System:

Some students report a bug just before taking a test to buy time. Some others, attach a corrupted file that can’t be opened while submitting an assignment. All of these techniques only help to postpone the test. You can’t really avoid taking the exam.

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