Is A Criminal Justice Degree Worth It

Is A Criminal Justice Degree Worth It

Posted By: admin Posted On 24 Oct 2016

Is a Criminal Justice (CJ) degree worth the effort? Yes, it’s worth it. Contrary to public perception, pursuing a CJ degree does not entail spending hard earned money on a degree that’s going to be completely worthless. The truth is it’s a valuable degree when coupled with a quality program at an accredited online school. Picking a program at the right school is a great idea.

According to the report published by RAND Corporation in 2011, police recruiters experienced a lot of difficulty finding qualified applicants. This shows an unmet demand in law enforcement for candidates with high-quality education in criminal justice. Many police recruiters value online criminal justice degrees because they show that the candidate is intelligent and hardworking.

Criminal justice degrees are not limited to law enforcement agencies. There are numerous disciplines. Since the demand for professionals with higher education is on the rise, a criminal justice degree may be the right choice for those who are considering these career paths.

– Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

– Homicide Detective

– Correctional Officers and Jailers

– Detectives and Criminal Investigators

– Forensic Science Technicians

– Paralegals

– First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives

Wondering ‘is a Criminal Justice degree worth it financially?’ Yes, it is worth it, because it will pay off in the long run. The degree is necessary if you want the best job in your field of interest.

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