Explaining Plagiarism And Its Ways To Avoid It

Explaining Plagiarism And Its Ways To Avoid It

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 9 Jan 2018

Plagiarism can be found in academic as well as professional settings. It is simply using other people’s ideas without giving them credit for it. It occurs when you duplicate another writer’s ideas and produce it as your own. If you copy the entire text from a book or a website and put it in your paper as your own writing, that apparently is cheating. It’s the plagiarism of the worst kind. If you do this, you know its cheating.

Did you lose a thousand dollar scholarship because of plagiarism? When you read a lot of online content, it’s possible for you to remember them and later use the ideas on your essays. It could also be a coincidence that someone else came up with a similar idea.

A lot of the time, students don’t realize that they are plagiarizing. Students are stressed about completing assignments on time. If you count yourself as one among those who put off work until the last moment, it’s natural for you to be stressed and look for resources on the internet. You can however, avoid plagiarizing by following these tips:

1. Never copy and paste someone else’s content.

2. Make sure you reference correctly. Every idea and quotation should be cited appropriately. Always use quotation marks when copying down information. This way you can add sources.

3. Paraphrase correctly. When presenting other people’s ideas, use your own words to share their concepts. Then include a citation, and a reference to acknowledge the original author.

4. Excellent time management skills can help. Having a good essay plan gives you time to think and share your ideas.

5. Use an online plagiarism detector to check if you have accidentally used someone else’s work.

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