Explore The Tech Costs Before Enrolling In Online Classes

Explore The Tech Costs Before Enrolling In Online Classes

Posted By: admin Posted On 21 Nov 2016

In recent years, tuition fees have been skyrocketing, and student debt is at unprecedented levels. That means online learning is a cheaper alternative to traditional programs. No need to pay for a dorm, meals, parking, or gasoline for commuting. But what about the technology requirements?

Let’s Explore Some Basic Technology Requirements in Online Classes


Most online courses are designed for either Windows or Mac systems. The hardware requirements for online classes are

  • 10 GB hard-drive
  • A monitor with keyboard and mouse
  • DVD-ROM drive or CD-ROM drive
  • Speakers, microphones, and headset
  • Printer and scanner


The software requirements of online classes are

  • Operating System
  • Internet Browser
  • Microsoft word
  • Powerpoint
  • Anti-virus
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Plug-ins

Internet Access:

Most students use broadband connections (i.e. LAN, Cable, DSL) for online learning. You can also use public networks, but it is not a good option for the long term. Network owners may block access to some sites and the speeds required to view all course materials may slow down. Contact a local internet service provider and set up a wifi/broadband connection.

Here Are a Few Tips to Cut the Total Costs:

Check What You Have

If you already own a laptop or computer, check the space available on the hard drive and the software you already own. Maybe all you need is a new flash drive.

Look for Student Discounts

Before buying anything new, check if any stores are offering student discounts. Many do!

Look for Employment Benefits

Check to see if your company offers tuition assistance or partners with any online colleges or universities. If so, your company may grant discounts on subscriptions, and other products and services.

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