Some Facts To Know Before Enrolling In eLearning

Some Facts To Know Before Enrolling In eLearning

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 27 Sep 2019

How well do you pass on information as a teacher? Or, how fast do your kids learn new topics as a parent? Either way, if there is a loop in any of these, it may affect the overall learning of the child. Impressively, eLearning has invaded the lives of young procrastinating kids; causing them to develop an interest in topics they once tagged “difficult”. Before enrolling in eLearning programs, you should know a few facts about it.

So, why wait? Check this out:

How Fast Is It Growing?

If you are about to pump money into a business, you would want some form of assurance that your cash won’t go into the thin air- the same may apply here. Surely, you would want to know if others are also in this with you. Well, no fears- the industry is growing exponentially.

Statistics show that out of the 20.2 million American students who graduated over the past few years, 5.8 million of them- nearly 30%- enrolled for some form of eLearning. Not just that: undergraduate participation in distance learning and eLearning grew from 21% to 32% in the last 3 years, a whopping 11% increase!

Considering that in 2004, the undergraduate participation was about 16%; it is crystal-clear how much of a fast-growing tendency eLearning is!

What Do Students Have To Benefit?

Yeah… the whole learning stuff centers about students- so do eLearning. While some students would understand all they are taught right in the classroom, some other students need to go the extra mile of burning the midnight candle. eLearning programs understand this difficulty encountered by most students, so it helps them catch up with the class. With the aid of eLearning, you could literally set up a virtual classroom for your kid right there in his bedroom.

Also, some eLearning programs feature online dashboards where kids get to play knowledge-based games. These games would help quicken the students’ understanding of the topic in question; So- getting in tune with the class becomes easy for them.

Have you heard of online discussion forums? Yeah… it is one of the many benefits eLearning offers. Ranging from video calls to study group chats, students get to learn more via a myriad of opportunities.

As A Teacher, What Do I Stand To Gain?

The joy of every teacher is efficiently passing knowledge to their students. With the new eLearning programs, you have got an assistant! eLearning is a way of multiplying the cascade effect on your students.

Again, some of these programs offer short video clips before each exercise or assignment is given. Surely, your kids would understand more about the subject you teach!

Do Not Worry About Your Schedule

Heard of the quote “we keep learning till we die”? With a tight work schedule and some kids to raise, the question lingers- how do you learn? With eLearning, you could take online courses at the comfort of your home- forgetting about the stress of transporting yourself to school. In fact, when I had to take my online courses when I had a tight schedule, I did so through eLearning avenues. Cool huh!

Do I Have To Worry About My Age Before Enrolling In e-Learning Programs?

The latest data shows that eLearning is highly diverse. It erases any form of social, economic and age barriers. So, as an adult, if you wish to further your education; eLearning courses got you!

Some Other Facts You Could Find Interesting!

Certain higher institutions have evolved from offering only online courses to awarding online degrees to deserving candidates. Luckily, you don’t get to earn less because you have an online degree. In fact, you can earn as much as $150,000 annually and as low as $85,000 every year.

Wrapping Up

Before enrolling in eLearning programs, be sure to set out sufficient time for your learning. Also, so as not to lose focus, remove any source of distraction in your study room.