Five Chemistry Apps No One Taught You

Five Chemistry Apps No One Taught You

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 27 Jun 2017

Chemistry can be a complicated subject if not studied properly. Everything in this world is made of chemicals and the changes we see is of course caused by chemical reactions. The subject is all about composition, structure, and properties of matter. Trust me, memorizing a periodic table is not going to help you. Luckily there are some useful apps which can make you understand the fundamental concept.

Chemcraft Periodic Table for iPhone

The periodic table app contains details more than 30 known elements. It is alphabetically arranged either by atomic numbers or element category. The graphical representation features essential properties, with a browser linked to Wikipedia. “Built in calculator” and “how to guide” are other noted points.

ChemIQ for iPhone

This entertaining game lets you solve chemical equations or reactions. With the given set of molecules, you will have to break down the bonds to get the correct atoms or elements. You can now recreate a new molecule by combining these molecules to form a new chemical reaction. This valuable app lets your students try different chemical combinations as well as learn more about reactants and products.

ChemCalc for iPhone

This is a convenient tool that lets students and experts calculate the molecular mass of compounds. Additionally, the digit keyboard helps to build chemical formulas as well as display properties of elements. It also pronounces the name of every element. One of the best app to learn all the basic properties of chemical elements.

JR Chemistry Set for iPhone

The powerful tool is applicable for young scientists who are passionate and enthusiast about the subject. The interactive periodic table provides a substantial working experience for chemistry lovers. The combination of elements into chemical compounds display the output formulas using a touch system.

Salts in Chemistry for iPhone

This is an innovative learning app designed to educate the different types of salts in chemistry. It includes interactive learning activity with the help of colorful images. It helps to learn more about acid bases as well as saltwater chemistry.

With these apps, students can quickly absorb the fundamentals with minimum effort. If you are looking for expert help to solve your chemistry assignments, we recommend that you hire us for online class help.

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