Five Chrome extensions every student must download

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

Are you still using Internet Explorer? If you are, it is about time that you replace it with Google Chrome.

I think my dad is the only one still using I.E. but just in case I had to say it. Google Chrome is amazing for everyone, but especially for busy college students who need to multitask while, say, taking an online quiz.

Chrome allows you to search without typing in the search bar. It navigates easily, and it has a million add-on extensions to make your life so much easier.

Just like with plugins for WordPress, anyone can make a Chrome extension so it is important to be careful of which add-ons you download because some may screw up your computer. In order to save you from that mess here is a list of the best Chrome extensions.

1. Stay Focused

Stay Focused limits the amount of time you can spend aimlessly browsing the Internet while you should be studying or taking a test. This productivity extension allows you an allotted amount of time per day to spend on certain websites, and once that time runs out the sites are blocked for the rest of the day.

2. Last Pass



LastPass allows you to actually have a different password for each of your accounts. If you’re like me then you had about two to three passwords for all your accounts on the Internet, which obviously is not very secure.

“LastPass is a free password manager and form filler.” This means that you only have to remember one master password for all of your online accounts. How awesome is that!

3. Too Many Tabs

How many tabs do you have open at a time? If I were to guess, I’d say too many.

TooManyTabs improves your browsing by managing the massive amount of tabs you have opened.

4. Thesaurus

As a journalism major this is my all-time favorite extension. Save yourself from reusing the same words over and over again in a paper by installing the Thesaurus extension.




MarkUp isn’t just a Chrome extension, but it is awesome. It allows you to draw on any webpage and send the drawing to whoever you want via an Internet link. This is the best way to make edits online!

Did I forget your favorite Google Chrome extension? Tell me in the comments below!