Five killer Firefox extensions for students

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

When Google Chrome crashed on me about a year ago, I lost all of my bookmarks, and I was so frustrated that I switched to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is actually the number two most widely used web browser. I love Firefox because it uses private browsing, it has a great user interface, and you can download amazing extensions.

The other day we wrote the top five extensions for Google Chrome for busy students. Since so many people loved the post, we are going to list the top extensions for Mozilla Firefox to make it fair for everyone.

Below is a list of the top Mozilla Firefox extensions.

1. ReminderFox

ReminderFox streamlines the calendar process. The calendaring extension allows you to remember dates and to-dos, set daily reminders and subscribe to multiple calendars. You use this app the same way you would use Google Calendar.

2. Taboo


Do you open 30, 40 or 50 tabs while you’re researching? This can get annoying because you need to find a certain tab and can’t, or all the tabs causes Firefox to shut down and then you lost all 50 tabs.

Taboo solves these problems by allowing you to save your tabs to view later (by viewing a list of all your saved tabs, searching saved tabs, or viewing saved tabs by the date you saved them).

3. Delicious

Delicious is somewhat similar to Taboo. It is a social bookmarking website that allows you to save bookmarks. You can organize them into lists and share them with friends, which is great if you are doing an online group project.

Even better than the website, is the extension. After you install the extension to Firefox, it takes one second to add, organize and tag websites online.


Evernote Clearly is a product of Evernote. It allows you to only view the text you want on the page, distraction free. You can also change the background and text and save it for later in Evernote.

5. FireCal

FireCal is an awesome extension for anyone who has to complete general education requirements for math. Its website says it “aims to be a comprehensive calculator suite.” Currently, it has a color picker and converter, a body mass index (BMI), currency converter, daily energy requirement, compound interest, temperature and wind chill.

What is your favorite Mozilla Firefox extension for school? Let us know in your comments below.