How To Focus Myself While Studying Boring Subjects

How To Focus Myself While Studying Boring Subjects

Posted By: admin Posted On 15 Dec 2016

How do you manage boredom that creeps up during a reading assignment? Online students procrastinate course tasks when they find a subject boring. This leads to missing deadlines and receiving bad grades. To learn a boring topic, you could do the following:

• Browse for other online resources

• Create a mind map

• Teach someone what you’ve learned

• Turn reading into a game

• Find a study buddy

Read below for more tips:

1. Watch videos related to the topic

YouTube is the best teacher ever. There are millions of videos on almost every subject including marketing, business, and more. Each video is unique and explains the same concept in different ways. The animation, pictorial explanation, and practical demonstration helps visual learners.

2. Discuss the topic with your peers

Find people who are active in forum discussions and have good subject knowledge. Contact them personally and discuss (the topic you find boring) with them. Or interact with your instructor over an email to learn the subject in detail.

3. Question Yourself!

Ask yourself- why, what, and how, when reading. That will kill your boredom, and I am sure you will become an eager beaver exploring the topic in detail. With a little luck and effort, the boring subject could also become your favorite

4. Make stories and mental pictures

One of the techniques to make a dull subject interesting is to make stories or take mental pictures. It helps you to remember things for a long time. Make up a story based on the information you read.

5. Scan before you read

Take a look at the reading material before you start studying. Look for headings or bullet points so that you can absorb the information easily. Also, it allows you to focus better.

6. Use color markers

If you find a boring topic while reading your material online, take a printout. Read superficially and understand the key concept. Take color pens and underline important points. Those eye-catching colors trigger you to focus on the topic.

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