Four classes students should take

Four classes students should take

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

Yesterday, I was speaking with a former teacher, and she was telling me how her favorite class to teach was entrepreneurship.

I thought this was awesome – learning how to run your own business in high school. Learning that could really help you throughout life no matter what you do. She was disappointed to tell me that the class is no longer taught due to budget cuts.

Below is a list of the classes that should be mandatory in high school and/or college.

Money Management

When I got to college I had no idea how to manage money. This was a huge problem, and I am paying for it now.

There should be classes on how to manage a checkbook, how to write a check and how to manage your Debit and credit cards so your card doesn’t overdraft or decline. Additionally, I think there should be a course on paying for college, and how to weigh the pros and cons of attending.


I was in a business accelerator program last year, and I have never learned so much in my life about the real world. At the time, I was studying journalism so I had no idea how to make a balancing sheet or write a profitable business plan.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just for people who want to run their own businesses. It should be for everyone because it teaches you things you are actually going to have to use in the real world.


America is one of the most obese countries in the world and that is why I think a class on health and fitness should be mandatory.

Teach America’s youth how to work out and how to eat right. Let’s set them up with nutritionists and fitness trainers.

A good example of a wonderful health and fitness program is at University of Central Florida. It’s Champ Plus program is an eight-week program for dedicated students who want to lose weight and tone up. They are provided with a trainer and a nutritionist.


Employers complain that students do not know how to behave in a professional environment so why not teach them how to. Teach them the soft (and hard) skills they need to succeed in a career.

Which class do you think would be most important to today’s students? Tell us in the comments below.