Four things to do before the new semester starts

Four things to do before the new semester starts

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

Every semester I do the same thing. Since I typically have leftover fees from the semester prior I wait until last minute to pay it off which then means I wait until the last minute to register for classes.

Do I register for financial aid early? No, which then means I am going to have to ask Dad to “borrow” money until my loan comes in. This always spurs an argument.

“Why didn’t you register on time?” He asks like clock-work. “I thought we talked about being a responsible functioning adult.”

If your parents are anything like mine then you will probably hear something similar if you do not do things right the first time. In order to avoid my predicament here is a list of things you should to start off the new semester right.

1. Check your financial aid

Whether you need to complete a FAFSA or apply for scholarships it is vital that you meet the deadlines. Even though you can fill out a late FAFSA it is not a good idea because it will delay your money, which will delay purchasing school supplies and inevitably having to ask Mom and Dad for money.

It’s also good to get your forms in early because you need an ample amount of time for potential corrections.

2. Register for classes

Obviously it is extremely important to register for classes. Try and do this as early as possible… like as soon as your enrollment date begins which is usually a month or two before the current semester ends.

Try and make sure you pay all your school fees ahead of time so you can register ASAP. Don’t worry about getting the perfect class schedule because more classes pop up during add/drop week when everyone is swapping classes like crazy.

3. Sell your old books

I recommend selling your old books as soon as you’re done with your classes’ final exams. Post in Facebook groups, Craigslist or try and sell on Amazon. If you sell your old books back to the school bookstore you’re probably going to make very little to no money.

4. Setup your work schedule

As soon as you figure out your new class schedule, create a calendar in Outlook or Google Calendar, send it and print it out for your manager. They will appreciate this, and it will make your life easier and less stressful.

What do you do before a new semester to make sure it starts out smoothly? Tell us in your comments below.