Frequent Challenges Faced While Studying Abroad

Frequent Challenges Faced While Studying Abroad

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 9 Jun 2017

Moving in to a foreign land is definitely thrilling. You have an opportunity to begin a new life and start everything from scratch. You may also have a lot of responsibilities that didn’t really exist until the second you decide to fly out of your country. But it’s all about how you plan things.

Here’s what students studying in a foreign land are likely to face:

1. Formalities/ Procedures To Study Abroad

It is not that easy to apply for an international course in a foreign land; you will have to undergo a lot of procedures. From receiving an acceptance letter from the desired university, to getting your student visa approved, there are so many challenges that you will have to face. Find a good place to stay along with your roommate and try getting used to eating a different kind of food. You may also be afraid to meet your overseas professors and classmates, or fall sick due to sudden climatic changes.

2. Adjusting to a New Culture

Culture shock is real! International students find it difficult to adapt to a new culture. This may have an impact on their studies in the beginning. You must understand that you are just a guest in their land and cannot comment on their culture just because you have a different view. The way they dress, their habits, their style of eating are different from others.

3. Trouble with Foreign Accent

Foreign accents can bother local students with terrible pronunciations. It is an important hurdles faced by students as we all know that it’s quite impossible to adapt to foreign accent suddenly without proper training.

4. Complications Faced In Academics

Each university follows a different curriculum model. Finishing an assignment or homework can be tedious work. You might not even understand what your professor is saying? If you are looking for academic help, you can hire an expert from our online class help service if assignments and online discussions are difficult.

5. Home Sick

Initially you will be thrilled, but later on, you will miss your family. Researchers say that foreign students tend to be more homesick and lonelier as they miss their home country.