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Posted By: admin Posted On 27 Aug 2015

Can Someone Give Me Homework Answers

How To Cheat And Find Your Homework Answers To Pass Your Class

There are so many different options available for students who want to cheat on their homework and find the answers fast. However, there are also a lot of silly ways that students cheat to get the answers to their homework, and we don’t always recommend these options. We spoke to real students about their most ridiculous cheating experiences.

Megan, 19

“I went to class to take a final exam with the answers to the test written on the inside of my shirt. Every time I thought the professor wasn’t looking I’d sneak a peek inside for the answers. Turns out, every time I stuck my face into my shirt for the answers, the pen ink was smudging all over my face. By the end of the test, my face was covered in blue ink and my shirt was smudged too. It was fairly obvious that I had tried to cheat and my professor failed me on the spot.”

Trevor, 22

“I had a really difficult algebra test coming up, so I asked a friend to sell me the answers because he was a total nerd and I knew he’d ace the test. He told me, I’ll make sure you pass your test. Turns out, the kid wasn’t such a great friend. He ripped me off on the price of the answers and they ended being all wrong. I failed the test and wasted a bunch of money. I guess he was trying to teach me a lesson. The only lesson I learned was that I won’t be cheating off of him anymore. I’ll leave it to the pros.”

Kaitlin, 18

I should’ve known this one would be too obvious, but I gave it a shot. I bought a giant calculator and brought it to my calculus exam because the instructor allowed them during the test. I took it apart and stuck my phone inside of it so I could just Google all of the answers. This ended up being very obvious to my instructor and he kicked me out of the exam and I failed the class. I guess I should’ve hired Online Class Helpers instead.”
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