How to Cheat on a Test and Ace My Exam

Posted By: admin Posted On 27 Aug 2015

How to Cheat on a Test and Ace My Exam

How To Cheat On A Test

At Online Class Helpers, we care about your academic success. That’s why we’ve undergone a rigorous study to uncover the most successful, and not-so-successful, ways to cheat on a test in college. If you’re thinking to yourself, I need to ace my test so I can pass my semester, then follow these tips for the best ways to cheat on a test and earn an A for the semester.

1. Be Careful

While this isn’t exactly a way to cheat on your test, it is a motto you should live by when deciding to cheat. Be careful and do not get caught! The consequences of cheating on a test in college can be severe and may include failure or even expulsion from your university. It’s just not worth it. Make sure that, whatever method you choose, you know exactly what you’re doing and you don’t make any mindless mistakes.

2. Quench Your Thirst

Take advantage of your water bottle on your desk during your test by Photoshopping a cheat sheet onto the inside of the label. Make sure the font is small so you can’t notice it from across the room, and casually glance over at it or even pick it up and pretend to take a sip of water during the test to scan your cheat sheet. If you want to be extra careful, and trust us, you do, try keeping the bottle on the floor or in your backpack during the test and only pick it up to “take a drink” and scan the bottle a few times.

3. Ghost Sleeve

Write a cheat sheet on a small index card or have your phone during your test to Google answers. Wear a long-sleeved shirt and put both arms on your desk as you take your test. Then, slide one arm out of your sleeve, but keep the sleeve on your desk so it looks like both hands are occupied and visible on your desk. Use your free secret arm to peek at your index card or phone underneath your desk. Unless your professor is staring right at you, a quick glance will look like you have both arms busily working at your desk. One quick note – make sure that the brightness of your screen is very low if you’re using your phone, otherwise, the reflection glowing from your lap will be very obvious and you’ll get caught.

4. Archive Your Calculator Memory –

Most upper-level math classes require a graphing calculator. One of the best ways to cheat on a test is to store a cheat sheet in an archived file on your calculator. Even if your professor comes around the deletes your memory from your calculator prior to the test, your archived files will still be stored.

While these methods are some ways to cheat on an exam in college, we want to make sure you understand that they are not fool-proof. If you truly want to cheat in your college course and not get caught, then you need to work with our professionals at Online Class Helpers who are fully-trained in the art of cheating and will ace your test for you in a breeze.