How to create a gorgeous resume

How to create a gorgeous resume

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

As hard as it is to get a job in today’s economy, it is vital that your resume stands out from the crowd. How do you make your resume stand out? You create a visually appealing one. If you are not a graphic designer, no worries, you don’t need to be with these awesome websites. Here they are.

1. Kinzaa ( – free

Login with Facebook or Twitter, and fill in your information. Done. You have created a visually impactful infographic resume.

2. ( – free is my personal favorite because it makes your resume even prettier by allowing you to upload a background image. It turns your work experiences into a colorful timeline, and you can even add “testimonials” or recommendations from former employers. is definitely my favorite!

P.S. You can also upload an old-school resume for potential employers to download.

3. ( – free

visualize.m is my least favorite because it gives you so few options. There are about five different infographics you can choose from, and it inputs your information from LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn then you can fill it out yourself.

4. Zerply ( – free



Zerply is less of an infographic and more of a visually appealing resume. There isn’t much more to stay out about it.

I do have an account on each one, and I will say it again, is the best, in my opinion, but see for yourself. Build a profile on each one. Why not? They are all free!