How to Reduce Stress During Exams

How to Reduce Stress During Exams

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 12 Jun 2018

Exam stress is something most students have probably experienced at some point in their academic lives. If you’re dealing with the issue, here are some tips to deal with exam stress.

Create a Detailed To-Do List:

Create a daily list of what you’re going to do. Break your study plan into smaller chunks and write it down in detail.

Be Realistic with Your Planning:

It is very important not to give yourself too much work. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do, so that you don’t feel stressed about not being able to finish everything.

Develop a Proper Study Routine:

Try to establish a study routine during exam days for active revision. Having planned and timed breaks are very useful to avoid procrastination. So it’s definitely important to take a few minutes to write down a study routine and stick to it.

Take Frequent Breaks:

Remember to take breaks when revising for your exams. If you study for too long, you cannot focus, which again leads to stress. Take breaks when you start feeling tired and step away from your desk to do some stretches or jumping jacks. You can also relax in a bed or prepare a healthy snack.

Get Enough Sleep:

During exam season, it is crucial to get enough sleep. Everyone works differently but studying late at night disturbs sleep pattern.

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