How To Tell If You Are A Right Candidate For Online Learning

How To Tell If You Are A Right Candidate For Online Learning

Posted By: admin Posted On 25 Nov 2015

Millions of students sign up for online courses every year. However, only an abysmally low percentage of people manage to successfully complete them. The enthusiasm and passion that’s displayed when signing up is lost midway as students struggle to keep up with endless assignments and tests. More often than not, it is only after spending considerable time, money, and energy that students realize they aren’t cut out for online learning. We’ll help you understand if online learning is your cup of tea:

Are you self-motivated?

Professors aren’t going to stand over your shoulder and check if you are on track. Students who manage to complete online courses are often self-motivated, self-disciplined, and organized. They meticulously set aside time for reading and assignments, and stick to their schedule. There’s no Big Brother watching over you- that will have to be your responsibility.

Do you seek help when in doubt?

Do you count yourself among those who do not prefer to ask questions when in doubt and prefer to wait until someone else does that for you? The face to face interaction afforded by classroom teaching is one of the major differences between conventional teaching and online learning. Students willing to learn shouldn’t hesitate to seek help. You could either send an email to the instructor, or seek opinion through discussion boards.

Do you miss deadlines often?

Online courses have weekly/periodic assignments that have to be completed within their deadline. You will also have to participate on discussion boards and take regular tests. All of this needs time and commitment. To help students stick to their schedule, we offer professional take my online class services. Can I pay someone to take my online test you ask? Yes, you can now hire experts to do your homework, take your tests, write essays, and even post on discussion boards for you.