How To Write A Good Research Paper

How To Write A Good Research Paper

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 28 Jul 2022

Every college student has to go through the process of submitting a research paper to successfully complete the course. Doing research is by no means an easy task. It is probably the most dreaded section of the entire course.  Be it online class or in-person session, research paper requires deep study and analysis. “If only I can pay someone to take my online class”, is easily one of the thoughts that can come to your mind when you have so much research and other work to do. And the same could come for completing your research paper. Here are some suggestions on writing a good research paper.

1. The Topic

The choice of topic of your research paper is of paramount importance. It should be original and something that you have a strong interest in. If the topic is not substantiative enough, the research paper can fall apart even before you finish it. In case you are not able to zero down on a topic, take help from your mentor or brainstorm ideas with your peer.

2. Structure

Once you have decided on the topic, create the framework of the research paper. This will help you find out relevant information, data and analysis to be filled in the paper. A good structure will naturally lead to a proper conclusion and overall excellent research.

3. Thesis


Thesis is the heart of any research paper. The thesis statement is the central idea for the paper. Every hypothesis made revolves around this statement. As you progress in the research, it can be easy to lose the main thought of the research itself! Hence, the thesis statement helps you round back to the correct path in case you lose focus.

4. Draft

A research paper draft is basically the rough version of your research. This helps in making corrections or changes to your hypothesis before finalizing it. It normally should start with the research introduction, followed by the body, conclusion and annexures. It is also advisable to have the draft read by someone else as another pair of eyes can bring out any points or grammatical errors that you may have missed.

5. Final Paper

After all corrections are incorporated, your final paper is now ready. Double check the format, supporting data, annexures if any, numbering of the pages and reference section. Any mismatch will show poorly on your hard work of collating so many details, making arguments and reaching a conclusion. Proof reading is probably the most important step in submitting a successful research paper.

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