Immersive Learning: Why Learning By Experience Is Ideal

Immersive Learning: Why Learning By Experience Is Ideal

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 22 Oct 2021

Have you ever wished that your teacher would make class fun with interactive animations and cool 3D graphics? If so, then you should learn the basics of immersive learning, as this education method is for people just like you! In this post, we’ll explain what immersive learning is, as well as why it’s beneficial and gaining popularity by the day.

Immersive Learning Explained

Immersive learning refers to learning in an artificial or simulated environment. Technology makes it possible for students to participate in such a learning environment, and this method of learning is nothing like passive listening. Immersive learning is becoming an integral part of online courses, as it helps students hear, see, and feel what they’re learning.

How Is Immersive Learning Possible?

Immersive learning is possible thanks to new-age technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality. Here are some of the top tools that make immersive learning possible:

Virtual Reality

• Virtual Reality:This technology creates an artificial environment where users can be fully immersed and experience things that are not present in the real world. In a virtual reality environment, the user can pick up and move objects, explore a new surrounding, and interact with virtual characters.

• Augmented Reality: The difference between VR and AR is that VR, unlike AR, creates an artificial environment, whereas AR accounts for objects in the real world. Using AR headsets and mobile devices, learners can interact with objects that are in front of them. Think of this as adding a layer to the real world.

• 360° Videos:These help students explore environments that are inaccessible or unreachable. For example, students can get a close-up look at the surface of Mars or explore underwater worlds right from their screens.

How Does Immersive Learning Improve The Learning Experience?

Immersive learning technology creates interactive scenarios for students, and they can use these to learn more efficiently. In immersive learning, there’s emotional involvement, and this helps the new information stick. Students who participate in immersive learning often learn more than those who practice traditional education, as the latter doesn’t affect all the senses.

Additionally, immersive learning technology is versatile, which means students can learn at their own pace so they’re able to fully absorb course content and materials.

Immersive learning also helps students make smarter decisions in the real world. If you learn something in virtual reality, you can likely apply this knowledge to the real world. Here are the other benefits of immersive learning:

• Promotes learning by experiencing.

• Awakens curiosity and improves student engagement.

• Keeps students focused and attentive.

• Increases classroom participation.

• Improves learning outcomes.

Immersive learning is unlike anything else in the education sector right now. It has to be implemented in the right way and handled by trained teachers who know how to deliver the best outcomes. After all, students can still struggle, even in an immersive learning environment.

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