How To Improve Your Reading Skills

How To Improve Your Reading Skills

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 9 Sep 2017

Critical reading is a very important aspect of academics. Most standardized test formats, including ACT, MCAT, SAT, and LSAT have questions based on critical reading.

This skill also helps people in real life by making it easy for people to make important decisions in their personal and professional life. Here are a few hints for you to improve your reading skills:

Read Twice

Read a passage more than once. This helps you gain a better perspective about the subject you are reading. Do not skim; instead, take enough time to read and understand.

Take Notes

Use a highlighter to underline important points and take notes. This helps you focus and sift important facts from those that are irrelevant.

Discuss the Topic With Your Peers

Discussing the article with fellow students allows you to gain a better perspective. To become a critical reader, you should be open-minded – do not allow preconceived bias to influence your thinking.

Compose A Basic Outline

To make sure that you truly understand the content is to write a summary of the article. Make use of your notes and highlighted content to answer questions like –

• What is the objective of the article?

• Why was the article composed?

• What is the fundamental purpose of the article?

• How could it be improved?

• What are the takeaways?

Follow SQ3R Method

The SQ3R concept was founded by Robinson in 1978. It is a strategy to help students understand something easily and quickly. The technique includes:

• Survey – Survey for the articles main points

• Question – Convert the headers into questions

• Read – Read to discover answers

• Recite – Recall the important points after reading

• Review – Review your notes

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