Land a career before graduation

Land a career before graduation

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

As finals come to an end, I am sure you are counting down the days to a well-deserved break. While it is important to enjoy the little time you get off, it is also vital to set goals for the next year.

If you plan to graduate this time next year then I highly suggest creating a strategic career plan. I read that you should give yourself a year to land a “career;” therefore, I began my job search at the beginning of 2012 because I anticipated graduating this month.

It took me about six months to wind up where I am now – happily working full-time as a director of marketing. Here are the steps I took to land my career.

1.   Go to Career Services.

Do not go to the Experiential Learning Center because they will set you up with more Co-ops and internships. Make an appointment at Career Services, and say you want to go over:


-Cover letter


-Interview (What to wear, FAQ, what to bring, etc.)


2.    Network.

Have you dreamed about working for a certain company? If you have then began networking where the decision makers of that company network. Make yourself known in the community. You can do this by:

-Attending local MeetUps, clubs or events

-Attending free webinars & events

-Cold emailing and/or calling (Of course, do not be annoying with this)

3.   Clean up your online presence.

Establish your presence on LinkedIn. Begin making connections, getting endorsed for skills and asking for references. Also, make sure a Google search of your name does not lead to any negative photos or posts.


Additionally, remember, if you give employers the email you use to login into Facebook then they will find you regardless of the fact you set your name up as “Hollaur.”

4.   Prepare your pitch.

Landing a job or an internship is no different than making a sale. In this transaction, you are the seller and the employer is the purchaser. What are you selling? Well, yourself of course!


-What’s your tagline?

I.E. Lauren Holliday is a journalist with a marketing mindset.

-What are you known for?

I.E. I am known for my motivation, passion and determination to succeed.

-In 10 seconds, how will I capture this employer’s attention?

I.E. Think of creative ways to send your resume and cover letter. Make it stand out from the inundation of black-and-white pdf files (YAWN).