Online Education: Stress Management

Online Education: Stress Management

Posted By: admin Posted On 31 Oct 2016

Is your online course assignment due in a few hours? Is your internet connection slow? Are you struggling to balance both your job and online class? You are probably really stressed out.

Online classes are increasingly popular, but they don’t come without their measure of stress. Assignments can pile up fast, and the need to attain high grades can compound a student’s anxiety, especially when they have responsibilities outside of school.

Here are some common stress factors:


This can take many forms, including:

– not doing well on assignments or exams

– participating in discussion boards

– deadlines

– taking quizzes and tests.

Loss of control

Students with poor time management skills often feel like their assignments are out of their control.


Students who aren’t familiar with the online platforms on which online classes take place struggle to submit assignments and communicate with their peers.

If you are experiencing these things, it’s time to act up! Contact your professor or find someone who can help you through your class.

Here are a few signs of stress that we see in the online classroom:

– Incomplete assignments

– Missed due dates

– Lack of interaction and engagement in the discussion boards

– Careless work

– Bad discussion posts

How can you beat the stress of being an online student? The answer is that you need to gain control of your environment. When students are afraid or unable to commit themselves fully, their assignments seem oppressive.

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