Best Online Language Learning Resources To Look For

Best Online Language Learning Resources To Look For

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 22 Nov 2019


The world is gradually merging to become a global village. And definitely, communication is key. How do you navigate through this particular challenge of communicating with a global village when you are monolingual (or even bilingual)? This is where the need to learn a new language comes from- the desire for broadened communication skills.  

You would think that with the amount of information on the internet, it would be easy sorting out language learning resources and picking the best. Unfortunately, it’s not. The internet has so much information that it could get you pretty confused. Not to worry, we have compiled the best online language learning resources for you. Nowadays you can ask someone for help, like if you want to learn Spanish then you can ask Spanish homework helper meanwhile you can focus on learning the actual skills instead of doing those boring homework:


Duolingo is an example of a straight forward app. No time for beating around the bush; it offers precise and well-detailed information about your dream language. Duolingo starts by teaching you basic words in the language of your choice. Once you are acquainted with these words, short and simple sentences follow. Actually, this is a more natural way of learning as opposed to the standard learning technique.

Learning a language online via duolingo is really easy. Set up your profile, choose your preferred language, set up daily tasks, and you are off to go. What’s more, is that it is totally free. Yeah, you heard me- you can make use of the app without reaching into your pockets. However, duolingo also has its downsides- if you target a higher level of fluency other than the basics duolingo provides, you might need to move on to another service. 


Definitely another online language learning resource worth searching for. If you are the kind of person who loves learning by being taught by an actual person, Rype is tailored for you. Instead of using quizzes and online videos to teach you your preferred language, the language learning website does so by connecting you, through a video call, with a personal instructor. Such video calls could last from about half an hour to a full hour.

Although they don’t offer many languages, the few languages offered- Spanish and French- are easily learned due to the ability of students to ask more questions and understand better.  The working of Rype is so simple that anyone can try it, for free, for the first 14 days- after which you will pay close to 65$ monthly to its service.


This online language learning tool is available either as an app or on their website. Memrise presents a more fun and convenient way of reviewing basic words of your preferred languages other than the use of flashcards. Similar to duolingo, this resource is designed more for getting started and not building fluency. They make heavy use of mnemonics with the aim of making these words stick to your memory. However, a key difference between memrise and its other language learning resource counterpart is the ability to use it on the go- the offline mood is also supported.

Speaking about prices, memrise is totally free to use. However, updating to the Pro version, it would cost 4.95$ per month. If you lie this amount side-by-side to the added features on the Pro version, you would conclude that it’s cost-effective. The pro version consists of features such as Grammarbot, listening skills exercises, videos, and an evaluation of your progress.

The Bottom Line

There are many more sites and websites you could possibly learn from. However, as a beginner, we have streamlined these websites and apps into the three best online language learning sites- just for you.