How To Overcome Test Anxiety?

How To Overcome Test Anxiety?

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 6 Oct 2017

The time leading up to a test can be stressful and even affect performance. Stress isn’t as bad as it is made out to be; a little stress and fear heightens our senses and helps to bring out the best in us. Without stress, we’d all be apathetic. But if you worry too much, your health and performance will suffer. It is important to understand the reason for our anxiety and take steps to resolve them:

Fear Of The Unknown

The best way to overcome your fear of the unknown is thorough preparation. You can do this by recreating test conditions. A lot of fraternities, sororities, and student organizations maintain test banks that can be used as reference. There are several websites that maintain online test-banks.

Fear Of Inadequacy

It is not uncommon for people to feel unprepared. The best way to overcome this fear is to study diligently. Make sure that you have enough time to revise and recall information. If you’re still not sure, try a few simple hacks to convince yourself that you are prepared:

• Act confident. Tell yourself that you’re going to do well.

• Take 10 minutes to write down your worries. This allows you to focus on important things.

Fear Of Failure

You may be overwhelmed thinking about the outcome. A single test does not define you; in fact, your grades don’t even define you. You define what you are capable of and thinking this way can help your turn about your test scores and grades.

Some students are perfectionists and worry about inadequate preparation. Some are worried about past failures. And some are overcome by negative thoughts. A positive attitude and mindfulness can help you overcome these problems.

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