Technology vs. Teachers Posted By: charleybrown

The last decade has seen a surge in the number of people opting for online courses. Getting degrees in various courses without leaving the comfort of your home Read More

Time Management Tips For College Students Posted By: charleybrown

Time management is an essential skill that every college student should master; it reduces stress and instills self-discipline. If you are struggling to complete assignments on time, here Read More

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Taking A Test Posted By: charleybrown

Tests may be irritating, but they are an effective learning tool that helps students remember and review things. Despite sincere efforts, some students end up committing the following Read More

How To Improve Your Reading Skills Posted By: charleybrown

Critical reading is a very important aspect of academics. Most standardized test formats, including ACT, MCAT, SAT, and LSAT have questions based on critical reading. This skill also Read More

How Online Learning Benefits Everyone? Posted By: charleybrown

Financial limitations, geographical barriers, employment, and personal commitments are some of the reasons why students have switched to online learning. But they’re making the right decision! Thanks to Read More

8 Tips To Improve Algebra Grades Posted By: charleybrown

Did you know we use Algebra in our everyday lives? From grocery shopping to calculating interests in your savings account, we need algebraic problems to help us manage Read More

Why Do Students Love To Hate Homework? Posted By: charleybrown

Does homework have a real purpose? Instead of incessantly complaining, has any student ever tried to ponder why the education system consistently insists on homework? It might be Read More

Top Reasons For Students To Cheat In Exams Posted By: charleybrown

Students who cheat in exams are often dubbed lazy, unconfident and unprepared. Could it be that the teacher is to be blamed for such a situation? Here’s why Read More

Assignments Demystified Posted By: charleybrown

Assignments are one of the most common ways to assess what your students know and don’t know through either the formative assessment or the more important summative assessment. Read More

Five Chemistry Apps No One Taught You Posted By: charleybrown

Chemistry can be a complicated subject if not studied properly. Everything in this world is made of chemicals and the changes we see is of course caused by Read More

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