The Problems of Standardized Testing System in Education

The Problems of Standardized Testing System in Education

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 23 Jun 2017

Teenagers in the US are more stressed than ever. This could be partly because of the standardized testing system that we currently follow. While some educationists are against the use of tests to determine if a child has understood a concept, there are others that are dead against it.

Experts like Alfie Kohn and Sir Ken Robinson strongly disagree with the concept of testing students to measure their intelligence. Through his research, Alfie Kohn has listed out some of the indisputable facts about test-taking. Some of them include:

Fact 1: The education system in America needs a complete overhaul. It does not compare to anything that exists in developed countries across the world. Students have to appear for many standardized tests. According to World’, other countries leading better than the U.S. regarding literacy rates are Russia, Canada, Japan and Israel listed for the year 2017.

Fact 2: Standardized test can only measure the superficial thinking of the students. The superficially engaged students can only memorize, rather than connect it in the future. Top scorers from CTBS, MAT, and SAT are also found to be using the superficial approach to learning.

Fact 3: It does not make sense at all to have standardized tests for children younger than eight or nine. A single test cannot be used to determine the future of students and employees.

Fact 4: Students are sacrificing time, energy and money to prepare for these tests.

Fact 5: Prospective teachers are on the verge of quitting jobs due to standardized tests which can only measure the ability to take that one particular subject.

Sir Ken Robinson firmly believes that the current education system destroys creativity. The present educational system focus only on test scores, rather it doesn’t teach students to solve problems independently. Did you know that companies like Google allow their employees work on whatever they want as long as it’s productive and work-related? It has led to the discovery of new products every day.

The aim of education is to foster thinking and create thinkers who can solve real world problems.

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