Pros & cons of taking summer classes

Pros & cons of taking summer classes

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

TRP: Tan, relax party.

This pretty much sums up how summer is supposed to be for college students or at least how college kids envision summertime. After working hard all year long why would you possibly want to bog yourself down with more classes?

Before ruling out taking classes during the summer you should really weigh the pros and cons. You might be surprised to find that the pros outweigh the cons.

Online Class Helpers wrote their list to help get you started. Here they are.



Stress from classes < Stress from parents

After experiencing living on your own it can be unbearable to go back to your parents’ house. You’re living under their roof so it’s their rules.

Parents haven’t seen you all year so they want to hang out 24-7, and they guilt trip you when you want to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in a year. Trust me, this gets old real quick.

Meet new people

Staying at school during the summer can seem scary because the majority of the campus has left, most likely meaning the majority (if not all) of your friends have left too.

While you may not like this at first, you will be glad you stayed when everyone else left because college summers allow you to make new friends – people you would have never met or hung out with during the school year.

And who doesn’t need more people to go out with?

The space

This is my favorite thing about summer – the space.

During the school year, there are lines, crowded bars and no tables in the library during exam week. During the summer, there are no lines, no crowded bars and loads of tables in the library during exam week.

You’re probably thinking: Why would I want to go to an uncrowded bar. Because this is one way you make new friends, and maybe get a chance to talk to that person you haven’t had the courage to talk to during class.


It can get lonely

I won’t lie. Summer in college can get lonely at times because there are not as many people to hang out with so if one person doesn’t want to do something then your other options are limited.

Harder classes

Summer classes are notoriously harder than fall and spring semester classes because three-month classes are crammed into four to six weeks. How are you supposed to tan, relax and party when your classes are killing you?

I would say the pros far outweigh the cons because you could always get someone to take your online class – like Call us at 229.234.0590 for more information.