Seven disadvantages to taking online classes

Seven disadvantages to taking online classes

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

So you’re thinking about taking an online class because it will give you more freedom, and you assume it will be a walk in the park.

At least that is why I took my first online class. Boy was I mistaken.

Here are ten disadvantages to taking online classes.

1. They require more time.

Online classes require more of your time because there are no lectures.

2. They make it easy to procrastinate.

Online courses make it extremely easy to procrastinate because you do not have set class dates, and you never have to own up to missing an assignment in person.

3. They require excellent time management skills.

Online classes require excellent time management skills because you have to make sure you are meeting numerous deadlines the same time each week. Once you start procrastinating meeting deadlines can be extremely hard to meet.

4. The instructor may be demanding.

Online instructors are most likely more demanding because you do not have to be in class every week. They like to make up for this by assigning more work.

5. They isolate you.

Online classes are extremely isolating because the only way you interact with your classmates is through the computer. You never actually meet them or the professor.

6. They require you to be a self-learner.

You must be able to teach yourself in online classes because many online classes do not even host video lectures. It’s all about reading.

7. They require a lot of reading.

Online classes require more reading because there are no class discussions.