Why Do Students Love To Hate Homework?

Why Do Students Love To Hate Homework?

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 21 Jul 2017

Does homework have a real purpose? Instead of incessantly complaining, has any student ever tried to ponder why the education system consistently insists on homework?

It might be hard for students to understand this in the beginning, but there is a real intention in assigning homework to students. The concept of homework wasn’t created to make students feel stressed or irritated. Some of the arguments in favor of and against the concept include:

Why Do Teachers Assign Homework?

Teachers want their students to remember and recollect concepts taught in class. As a result, they assign homework to be practiced at home. In a classroom, students only hear half of the information taught to them. But homework helps them recollect and apply information to gain hands-on experience. The primary use of homework is to retain information taught at school and practice them at home for better knowledge.

Why Don’t Assignments Work?

Sometimes students do not know how to solve problems because of the complexity of the subject. Therefore they’re likely to lose interest in the assignment. Some students find homework to be time-consuming; they would rather spend time on leisure activities.

What Can Be Done To Make It Effective?

Homework can be made effective by allowing students to solve their assignments in class and under the guidance of an instructor. Students can get help from their tutors when they don’t understand a concept. But this method can be difficult to implement if the syllabus is vast. Other ways to make it productive include:

• Setting up creative space

• Take enough breaks in between

• Work in groups

• Get help from an online class help tutor

• Make use of technology