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Posted By: admin Posted On 27 Aug 2015

Pay Someone To Take My Online Course

I want to pay someone to take my online course. Where do I start?

Hiring a professional to take your online course seems like an easy way out, but if you don’t research properly, you can end up in a bind. Below are a few important points to consider when looking to pay someone to take your online course for you.


I want someone local to do my course. This is a very important point to consider when hiring a service for your college course. Often, students use companies that outsource their work to other countries and communicating with tutors is nearly impossible. You may end up with a term paper that’s written in jibberish because it was outsourced to someone who does not speak English.


Related to location, you need to make sure that the company you hire uses appropriate security software to encrypt their location if they are not in the same state as you. If your school is located in New York but your tutor logs on from California everyday, your professor may pick up on this and be suspicious.

Proctored Exams

Does your course require proctored exams? If so, you need to mention this up front when hiring a service to do your work for you. If your provider cannot take an online proctored exam because they don’t have the appropriate software, then you could fail your entire course because of one test. Make sure that the service you choose have all of the capabilities necessary to pass your class.


If you know that your professor will be assigning homework from a textbook or taking questions and quotes directly from a book throughout the semester, then you need to purchase this book well ahead of time and send your tutor a copy of it. Better yet, if you can get your hands on a digital copy of your course textbook through a website such as, then you can easily share access with your online tutor. Don’t make them wait until the last minute for access because there may not be enough time to do your homework.

Consider all of these important points when hiring a professional to take your online class. It may be easy to sign up and send a payment, but you have to make sure that you stay on top of the requirements of your course and communicate with your team to ensure the best grades possible.