Technology vs. Teachers

Technology vs. Teachers

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 22 Sep 2017

The last decade has seen a surge in the number of people opting for online courses. Getting degrees in various courses without leaving the comfort of your home has been made possible due to the use of technology as a tool to enhance education. But does this continuing growth in education technology spell trouble for classroom teachers? We do not think so.

1• Online learning offers students the freedom to decide how and when to learn a subject. Technology also provides an opportunity to engage in a medium of their choice without being discriminated against and by being judged on their abilities or skills. In the meantime, the traditional classroom has also seen a dramatic increase in the use of technology with the introduction of smart boards, digital textbooks and, most particularly, the offerings on the Internet.

2• Many are concerned that the rapid influx of technology inside the classroom may eventually replace teachers, but teaching and technology are mutually exclusive. Teachers can, in fact, gain support from technology and use it to enhance their teaching.

3• The use of technology in the classroom or otherwise doesn’t lessen the need for great teachers.

4• Along with education, teachers also impart students with life skills, valuable life lessons and inspire them to reach their potential. Technology may be helpful in the learning process, but its inability to interact with humans will ensure that it cannot replace the role of the teacher.

5• Teachers play multiple roles in their student’s life and are so much more than just a facilitator. As a mentor and a guide, the teacher molds and shapes its pupils future. Technology becomes an insignificant automated tool without a great inspiring and engaging teacher.

It isn’t about teachers being replaced by technology, but about how teachers can adapt to incorporate technology into their lessons. The new educational technologies may have the ability to energize students and educators alike, but without an engaging leader who can pull these tools together in a practical and meaningful way, it does not achieve much. The role of the teacher, therefore, remains critical in the high-technology learning environment.

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