Three Tips for Staying Focused While Studying Online

Three Tips for Staying Focused While Studying Online

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 26 Sep 2018

Did you know that once you fall off track, it will take up to 25 minutes to get back into the process? This research was done by Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California. Here are a few steps that can improve your power to focus.

Block Excessive Noise and Movement

As human beings, we are programmed to think of sudden movements and loud noises as danger related situations. As an online student, these can take control over your academic work. So it is important to block the stimuli that trigger a reaction. Choose a spot where you can focus – this could be a room in your house or a library. Log on to and tune into your favorite music for focus. It blocks all the background noise, and helps you concentrate. Put your smartphone on silent mode and disable all the pop-up notifications in your laptop, so there are no distractions.

Do Not Multi-Task

Serial multi-taskers have more difficulty ignoring irrelevant cues. If you keep on multi-tasking, you will be unable to focus on one thing at a time. If you need to accomplish multiple academic tasks, either use a simple priority list or hire Online Class Helpers. Call us to ask – “Can I pay someone to take my online class?” Our tutors have years of experience dealing with a wide range of subjects including anatomy & physiology, theology & religious studies, materials technology, and geography & environmental sciences. We provide 100% original content that is properly cited as per university rules. Our plagiarism-free submissions can help you earn an A or B.

Know When You Work the Best

If you’re a morning person, you usually start to handle tough cognitive loads at 10 am and experience a crash at around 2 pm. The peak distraction usually occurs between 12 to 4 pm. Determine your peak working hours to schedule the most important tasks. Start a timer and continuously work for 25 minutes. During this time, do not switch to check social media or email. When you end up focusing on your task, plan for a morning break and keep the momentum going.

These tips can help you become more focused during your study sessions. If distractions are still coming along the way, call our tutors at Online Class Helpers and ask – “Can I pay someone to take my online class?” We can help you earn an online degree by completing all your academic tasks like essays, dissertations, assignments, and homework.