Time management tips for college students

Time management tips for college students

Posted By: admin Posted On 4 Aug 2015

You’re in the library. You walk all the way up to the silent floor so you have no distractions. Your online class forces you to open the Internet browser, which is an excuse to check Facebook for five minutes. Before you know it five minutes has turned into an hour of cyber stalking, tweeting and laughing at cat memes.

Can you tell that I’ve experienced these symptoms first hand? If you can’t, let me tell you I definitely have and always the day before an exam I have yet to study for. Here are a list of time management tips and tricks that have helped me focus and get things done.

1. Schedule classes together

College is great because you are free to schedule your classes anytime of the day you want. Want to sleep in until 1 p.m.? Then take classes after 1:45 p.m. to give you a chance to wash up, eat and find a parking space.

There is nothing wrong with doing this, but if you are going to do that then schedule three more classes after 1:45 p.m. Scheduling classes back-to-back saves you time in the long run. It saves you driving time and allows you more time to study.

Another great thing about this… you most likely will only have classes three or four days per week, which gives you even more time to study (or socialize).

2. Actually, go to class

I learned freshman year that skipping class didn’t make me as happy as when I went because missing the class only meant double the work load.

Think about it. You have to take all the notes by yourself, and you have to scramble to get contact information of someone in your class who is willing to tell you what will be on the test.

Why read the entire chapter five times when you can learn the concepts a few hours per week? Just saying.

3. Do the hard stuff first

For me, writing can be stressful so I like to write first thing every morning – after I have my coffee of course. If you have a really difficult project or essay to write then break it into pieces and complete it each morning piece by piece.

4. Make friends in class

This is really a no-brainer and really one of the best ways to save time. If you want to create a study guide for your cumulative final exam wouldn’t it be wise to do half the work, have another person do the other half and then swap notes? I know so.

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