Tips To Get Rid Of Exam Fear

Tips To Get Rid Of Exam Fear

Posted By: admin Posted On 23 Dec 2016

When an exam draws near, test anxiety makes students anxious. It robs away productivity and even tempts some to quit. Some other think, ‘can I pay someone to take my online class.’ And many quit the course. So, eliminate all the fear, depression, and stress today.

Here are a few tips to overcome the test anxiety and stress

Before Exam

1. Revise early

Start the revision at least 7 days before an exam. Gather all your notes and start studying keenly.

2. Create a mini timetable

Choose a time and day to cover each chapter.

3. Chart out

Split up the easy and hard topics. Align those in sequence and study as per the priority. i.e., study easy topics first and then hard.

4. Take break

Don’t study straight for more than 2 hours. Take frequent breaks and relax yourself.

5. Take notes

While studying, write down the key points in a note. Highlight the important points with color pens.

On The Day Before Exam

1. Be prepared

Once again revise what you have studied earlier. Recollect all the headings and subheadings and the concept. Go through forum discussions, quiz questions, and video lectures to understand the concepts thoroughly.

2. Sleep well

Don’t burn the midnight oil. Go to bed early and take a good night’s sleep for at least 7 hours.

3. Take healthy food

Don’t skip breakfast, meal, and supper. Intake of proteins, nutrients, and carbohydrates helps you focus well.

On The Exam Day

1. Meditate

The only solution to relax yourself is through meditation. It reduces tension and improves concentration. It keeps your mind calm and helps to retain information during the exam.

2. Review notes

Review the hand-written notes quickly. You have highlighted the headings and key points. Go through it and recollect the information.

3. Develop positive thoughts

Don’t panic. Eliminate negative thoughts and recite, “I can,” “I have studied,” “I will ace the test.” Talk positively to yourself. Positive vibes reduce stress levels and increase confidence.

4. Just start

Don’t get overwhelmed. Believe yourself and do your best.

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