Tips To Prepare For Your Online Final Exams

Tips To Prepare For Your Online Final Exams

Posted By: charleybrown Posted On 8 Dec 2022

Once the exam date got announced, it’s common to be anxious and tensed about your preparation. You’d feel uncertain no matter how well you prepare. It’s common. But it could affect your exam performance too. Here are some points for your online exam preparation.

Before The Exam:

  • Attend your online classes diligently without fail.
  • Revise the subjects by your planned schedule.
  • Attend mock tests to get experience if it is your first time.
  • Make use of the online resources to learn more.
  • If your classes are hard to handle, seek help from your circle.
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On The Exam Day:

  • Start your day in a relaxed manner. Take enough time to get ready to start the exam on time.
  • A big no to an empty stomach. Eat a light meal before your exam. Have some healthy snacks handy to keep up your energy.
  • Though it is super comfy to do your online exams in your PJs, you will feel more confident if you dress in the clothing you usually wear to class.

During The Exam:

During The Exam

  • Go through the instructions carefully to determine how many questions you need to answer and what is being examined.
  • The golden rule for any exam is to pick ones worth more marks. Also, start with questions that deem easiest for you. Once you are least sure about- save it for later; you may get any ideas along the exam.
  • Estimate the time you need to spend on each answer and stick to the same. If you run out of time, go for bullet-pointed answers at this stage.
  • Do your best to answer all. Write down relevant things you could think of, or choose the answer you guess is the correct one.
  • Pause in between, take a few minutes, drink some water or get out of your chair and stretch a little before you resume the exam.
  • Spend time reviewing and ensuring that all your written answers are legible and clear. If the validating authority struggles to read your responses, you could lose the marks you deserve.

Final Tip

Remember that organizing your course materials, setting up a tidier study space, and planning effectively during your exam preparation helps minimize stress and increase your concentration.

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