Using Math In Your Everyday Life

Using Math In Your Everyday Life

Posted By: admin Posted On 16 Aug 2016

Math is an essential aspect of our daily lives. Whether at work or home, we use Math all the time. Still not convinced? Here’s how we use Math every day:

Chatting or Making Calls Using a Cell Phone

We all use mobile phones. You need to have a basic knowledge of numbers, digits, and signs before using the mobile phone. Indeed, Math is necessary for faxing, sending messages, and making calls.

Math in the Kitchen

Have you noticed how important measurements are when it comes to cooking? A difference of just a few ounces or grams can change a recipe entirely.


Math is essential to banking. You need to have basic skills of addition and subtraction, and even multiplication and division to really be able to understand your account.


If you are planning a road trip, you are going to need to calculate how much gas money you’ll need, as well as calculating other expenses as well.

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